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2010 IPv4 Address Use Report

As of January 1, 2011, the number of unused IPv4 addresses is 495.66 million. Exactly a year earlier, the number of available addresses was 721.06 million. So we collectively used up 225.4 million addresses in 2010.

Read the article - posted 2011-01-01

2010 IPv6 Address Use Report

In 2010, twice as many IPv6 address blocks were given out as in 2009, adding up to 5.5 times as much address space.

Read the article - posted 2011-01-01

Stadhuis Gouda

Image link - posted 2011-03-20

(Verdwenen) muurschildering van een PCC Raamstraat Den Haag

Image link - posted 2011-06-18

→ Yes to Lion, no to cruft: get a clean start with manual Mac migration

With every new Mac and every new Mac OS X version, the Migration Assistant dutifully copies all data from the old system to the new. But after almost a decade, the urge to make a clean start is too strong for our correspondent. Here's how to do it—but it's not for the faint of heart.

Read the article - posted 2011-07-13

Zendtoren Lelystad

Image link - posted 2011-08-15

Overheid begrijpt certificaatprobleem niet

Minister Donner ondernam in de nacht van vrijdag op zaterdag de zeer ongebruikelijke stap om na middernacht een persconferentie te houden. Het ging dan ook om een urgente kwestie: er zijn mogelijk frauduleuze certificaten op naam van overheidswebsites uitgegeven. Daarmee kan iemand zo'n overheidswebsite perfect nabouwen en mensen wachtwoorden en andere gevoelige informatie laten intypen.

Read the article - posted 2011-09-04

Bat above the parking lot

Image link - posted 2011-09-22

Crazy iPhone 4 colors, train station close to Madrid

Image link - posted 2011-12-03

Greenwich meridian between Madrid and Barcelona

Image link - posted 2011-12-25

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