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This is the main page of the site. Archive for 2005.

Lastig parkeren in Brussel, zo te zien

Image link - posted 2005-01-14

Mijn foto's van What The Hack (WTH)

Mijn foto's van What The Hack (WTH).

Read the article - posted 2005-07-30

Electric Picnic 2005

My photos from Electric Picnic 2005.

Read the article - posted 2005-09-05

Empire State Building, cool as skyscrapers come

Image link - posted 2005-10-16

New book: Running IPv6

I've written another book!

It's called "Running IPv6" and the title pretty much says it all. If you're interested in learning more about running IPv6 on Windows XP, MacOS X, FreeBSD, Linux or on Cisco or Juniper routers, check out the book at I'll also be moving IPv6 stuff to that site, so can focus more on BGP.

And I've started a blog (not too fond of that word, though) at Apress, the publisher of the new book. I just posted an entry about running out of IPv6 addresses. Seasoned visitors of this site may want to jump directly to Numerology on Geoff Huston's site, where Geoff leaves no IPv4 addressing stone unturned.

Permalink - posted 2005-11-21

Flatgebouw Nirwana uit 1929 in Den Haag

Image link - posted 2005-11-28

Can't remember which datacenter this was way back in 2005...

Image link - posted 2005-12-15

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